The Exhibition

Civilization: vivere, sopravvivere, Buon Vivere is a major international artistic and cultural project that brings together around three hundred images by over one hundred and thirty photographers from five continents. The main themes are the present and future of the contemporary world, which is increasingly characterized by interconnection and globalization.

The fundamental aim of Civilization is to reflect and get people to reflect on the consequences of our lifestyles and of how we live together in the contemporary society through an original and spectacular presentation of images depicting how we produce and consume, work and play, travel and inhabit, think and create, collaborate and clash, the technological conquests, or the actions of men on the environment, the great phenomena of aggregation, and the physical and immaterial movements characterising the world in which we live.

The exhibition is co-produced by the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography (Minneapolis, New York, Paris, Lausanne) and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea in Seoul, in collaboration with Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì. Civilization: vivere, sopravvivere, Buon Vivere was curated by William A. Ewing and Holly Roussell assisted by Justine Chapalay.

The Forlì edition was coordinated by Walter Guadagnini, Monica Fantini and Fabio Lazzari.


The exhibition is divided into eight sections dedicated to eight themes

Michael Najjar, f.a.s.t., 2017, from the series outer space © Michael Najjar



Michael Wolf, Architecture of Density #91, 2006 © Michael Wolf, courtesy of M97 Shanghai

Philippe Chancel, Construction of the Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai, from the series Datazone, 2008 © Philippe Chancel, courtesy of Melanie Rio Fluency

Alveare / Hive

explores the urban networks that shape modern cities and describe the complicated flows of human activities in ever-changing contexts

Pablo López Luz, Vista Aerea de la Ciudad de Mexico, XIII, from the series Terrazo, 2006 © Pablo López Luz

Soli insieme / Alone together

is dedicated to people and their relationships and tells how these relationships are affected by increasing digitization

Larry Sultan, Sharon Wild, from the series The Valley, 2001 © Larry Sultan, courtesy Estate of Larry Sultan 

Cyril Porchet, Untitled, from the series Crowd, 2014 © Cyril Porchet

Wang Qingsong, Work, Work, Work, 2012 © Wang Qingsong 

Alex MacLean, Shipping Containers, Portsmouth, VA, 2011 © 2011 Alex S. MacLean / Landslides

Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimberti, from the series The Heavens, 2012/2015 © Gabriele Galimberti & Paolo Woods

Flusso / Flow

reveals the visible and invisible movements of people, goods, and ideas across the contemporary world, and how this influences the way we experience contemporaneity

Jeffrey Milstein, Newark 8 Terminal B, Newark, NJ, from the series Airports, 2016 © Jeffrey Milstein

Persuasione / Persuasion

investigates the mechanisms of persuasion used to influence people's thoughts and desires, from advertising to religion and politics

Sato Shintaro, Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo / Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, 1997-1999, from the series “Night Lights” © PGI, Tokyo

Natan Dvir, Desigual, from the series Coming Soon, 2013 © Natan Dvir

Priscilla Briggs, Happy (Golden Resources Mall, Beijing), from the series Fortune, 2008 © Priscilla Briggs

Luca Zanier, FIFA I Executive Committee Zurich, from the series Corridors of Power, 2013 © Luca Zanier

Lynne Cohen, Untitled [Police School Classroom, Aylmer], 2003 © the Estate of Lynne Cohen

Controllo / Control

highlights the impact of various forms of authority together with the desire to arrange and structure our future development

NOH Suntag, Red House I #13, 2005 © NOH Suntag

Rottura / Rupture

examines the phenomena of social disruption, revealing the existing conflicts between individuals, and forcing us to deal with the failures of civilisation

Francesco Zizola, In the same boat, 2015 © Francesco Zizola / Noor images

Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression #80, 2010 © Michael Wolf, courtesy of M97 Shanghai

Chris Jordan, CF000774 from the series Midway: Message from the Gyre, 2009 © Chris Jordan

Sheng-Wen Lo, Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from the series White Bear, 2016 © Sheng-Wen Lo

An-My Lê, Film Set (“Free State of Jones”), Battle of Corinth, Bush, Louisiana, from the series The Silent General, 2015 © An-My Lê, courtesy of STX Films

Fuga / Escape

describes the phenomena of leisure and recreation, and reveal the mechanisms, contradictions, and paradoxes of the entertainment industry

Zhang Xiao, Coastline No.2, 2009 © Zhang Xiao, courtesy Blindspot Gallery

E poi.. / Next

tries to portray how the world of the 21st century is taking shape, with its rapid global evolution

Michael Najjar, orbital ascent, 2016, from the series outer space © Michael Najjar

Max Aguilera-Hellweg, Joey Chaos, Android Head, Rock Star, Extremely Opinionated on Politcal Issues, Especially Capatalism and What It Means to be Punk. Hanson Robotics, Plano, Texas, from the series Humanoid, 2010 © Max Aguilera-Hellweg

Vincent Fournier, Ergol #1, S1B clean room, Arianespace, Guiana Space Center [CGS], Kourou, French Guiana, from the series Space Project, 2011 © Vincent Fournier